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Just as every property must be built on a solid foundation, our business success stands on the strength and reputation of our family name. Since 1973, when Chuck and Bill DeBruler started a real estate business in Lake County, Illinois, we’ve made a commitment to our customers, our business partners, our tenants, and ourselves.

Simply put, we strive to conduct our business with a level of personal service, business acumen and community awareness which recognizes two things: that our reputation is our most important asset, and that it must be earned every day in all that we do.

The DeBruler name stands proudly behind a diverse scope of projects in an ever-broadening geographic area. From acquisition and development to construction and management, we never lose sight of the fact that our business is about helping families of varying income levels to live comfortable lives in pleasant surroundings.

Every professional at The DeBruler Company is dedicated to meeting the needs of our constituents.

Our Memberships

lake county association of realtors
lake county chamber of commerce
institute for real estate management
illinois association of realtors

Meet Our Team

Focusing on property acquisition and development, Bill has been active in the real estate business for over 40 years as a broker, developer and property manager. He has an AB from Brown University, an MA from Roosevelt University in Chicago, and served in the Marine Corps as an officer. He is a Certified Property Manager and licensed real estate broker.

Bill has served on many charitable boards in his career.  He served on the board of the Lake County Affordable Housing Commission and was chairman of its not-for-profit arm, the Housing Development Committee. He was a director and treasurer of A Safe Place, which provides shelter, counseling and legal assistance to abused women and children and he is currently on their advisory staff.

Trudy has been an integral part of The DeBruler Company since 1983. She is in charge of administration and human resources for both the DeBruler corporate office and all of our developments.  Additionally she serves as our company administrator. Trudy is a licensed Real Estate Managing Broker and Certified Property Manager.

Dawn has been with The DeBruler Company since 2006 and is in charge of property management.  Dawn has obtained numerous property management credentials in her career such as:  Registered Housing Manager, Certified Occupancy Specialist, Accredited Residential Manager, Tax Credit Specialist, Assisted Housing Manager, Blended Occupancy Specialist, Senior Housing Specialist etc.

Dawn graduated Summa Cum Laude from The University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a Bachelor’s degree in English.

Suzanne oversees the Accounting and Financial Planning functions for the properties managed by the DeBruler Company. She also worked as a financial consultant for the DeBruler Company since February 2008 and provides services to the Community Partners in Affordable Housing, a not-for-profit partner in several of the properties managed by the DeBruler Company.

Suzanne graduated Cum Laude from California State University – Long Beach with a BS in Business Administration – Accountancy. She is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant in Wisconsin and Registered Certified Public Accountant in Illinois. Her career had been focused on not-for-profits, primarily healthcare; however, she shifted her professional focus to affordable housing years ago because she felt that her contributions would be better served there.

Chris heads our Tax Credit Development Department and also spearheads many of our construction projects. He has overseen major tax credit rehabilitation’s of our properties including Westport Village Apartments, Colonial Park Apartments, Lilac Ledge Apartments and Prairie View Apartments. He has also overseen developments from the ground up such as Hutchins Woods in Gurnee.  He is a licensed Construction General Contractor in the State of Florida and graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Business.  He previously worked at the Board of Trade in Chicago and then joined our company in 1995.

Tim heads our construction division and also develops many of our properties such as Mundelein Senior Apartments, Brookhaven Apartments and Hebron Townhouse Apartments.  Mundelein Senior Apartments is a modular development that was constructed off-site and shipped to Mundelein where it went through final assembly on a foundation.  It is the first affordable housing project in Illinois constructed in this fashion.  Previously, Tim worked as a project analyst for GE. Tim also retired as a Major in the Marine Corps and in 2004 served his country for a tour of duty in Iraq. Tim received his Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Dayton and joined our Company in 2003.

Currently, Andy heads our property management division with an emphasis on our tax credit projects. Since joining the company in 1993, Andy has served as a project manager at various DeBruler developments including Osprey Lake Apartments, Colonial Park Apartments and Library Lane Senior Residence. Andy received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from St. Norbert College. He is a Certified Property Manager and licensed Real Estate Managing Broker.  Previously Andy worked as a Systems Analyst for Allstate Insurance before joining our company in 1993.

Mission Statement

Using integrity and innovation to be the best in identifying, developing and managing quality real estate investment properties which enhance the social conscience of the communities in which they are located.

Affordable Housing with a Focus on Comfort, Quality and Energy Efficiency